Determining The Cost Of Using Professionals For Your Next Move

When you are planning a move, whether it is across town or across the country, there are many things that come into play. If you will use professional movers, getting a solid moving estimate is essential, but most moving companies can give you one with just a short visit to your home.

Getting Multiple Estimates

When you are ready, call several moving companies and ask about getting moving estimates for the items in your home. If you have several companies give you prices, you will be able to compare them and see if one company is extremely high or low and eliminate them from consideration right away.

Several things can affect the cost of the move, and each moving company will have slightly different services that they offer their clients. Ask for a written estimate and have them itemize it if possible so you can go over each item and compare them to determine which moving company is going to be best for your move. 

Large Items 

Many moving companies charge extra for large items, so make sure that you talk to the representative you are working with for your moving estimate about anything oversized or heavy. A pool table, large freezer, or an old antique armoire may push the cost of the move up, and if it is not included in the estimate, the movers may refuse to move it when they arrive. 

Large items require some additional equipment and time to handle properly, so often, they will need to block out more time to load the items onto the truck and properly secure them. The additional time means additional cost and will change the estimate because the movers need to load it on one end then unload it at the destination. An appliance can also fall under large items, so make sure to mention anything you think could be considered oversized ahead of time.

Delivery Time

Moving a house full of possessions takes time, but the moving company should be able to give you an estimate of the time it takes to go from your old home to the new one. During the moving estimate, ask about the transportation time so you can make sure that someone will be at the new home when the movers arrive. 

Often, a cross-country move will take a week or more because the movers will have to drive to the new location. You can use that time estimate to plan to arrive in the new area and be at the house before the movers get there. In most cases, there will be a set delivery date, but it is a good idea to arrive at your new home a day or so before that delivery is scheduled so you can be prepared for the movers when they get there.