Tips for Reducing the Cost Of Your Local Move

Have you been getting quotes from various moving companies in your area, but you've found that they are all different? That is because they can only estimate how long it will take to move all your stuff, and need to approximate how long it will take. The truth is that the length of a move will depend on how much prep work you do before the movers arriving, giving you the ability to drastically speed up the process and save you money. Here are some tips that you can use to speed up your move.

Stage All Your Boxes in a Convenient Place

One of the most time consuming parts of the entire move is going to be getting the boxes out of your home and into a moving truck. However, having those boxes scattered throughout your home takes time as the movers need to go inside and up and down stairs to get them all. That's why it's worth staging your boxes in a convenient place.

If you have a garage, consider putting all the boxes near the garage door entrance. The movers will then have a minimal amount of distance from the boxes to the truck, and you'll find that the boxes are loaded in a matter of minutes. Don't have a garage? Stage the boxes in the room closest to the door that the movers will be coming in and out of. 

Disassemble All Furniture

You would be surprised at how often movers are waiting for their customers to finish packing, with one of the most time consuming tasks being to disassemble their furniture. Understand that you are paying for the movers' time, no matter what they are doing. If you are having them disassemble furniture rather than do the heavy lifting, that is going to add on to the cost of your move. That's why you want to ensure that all of your furniture is ready to go so that the movers can protect it in furniture pads and plastic wrap. 

Empty Your Shed

Do you have a shed that needs to be packed up and moved to your new home? You'll want to have all of the contents of the shed empties and spread out on your lawn. Giving the movers an overview of what needs to go will not only help it go faster, but they won't have the hassle of having to get things out of the shed, which takes time. 

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